Travel Accessory Fabric Care Kit

Ft 15.000,00 Ft 12.000,00
Life on the road can be messy. Our convenient, eco-friendly Fabric Care Kit will help keep your TUMI products clean and fresh. Our Fabric Cleaner is fast and easy to use for dirt and spot removal. To use our Refreshing Neutralizer, spray lightly over the surface or interior of your bag, remove excess moisture with cloth, and go.

Fabric Cleaner Ingredients: Water, Surfactant, EDTA, Enzyme, Fragrance, Preservatives. Refreshing Neutralizer ingredients: Water, Deodorizer, Surfactant, Citric Acid, Humectant, Fragrance, Preservatives.

Colour Black

Ft 15.000,00 Ft 12.000,00
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